Monday, April 27, 2009

A Few of the Same

Grandma blocked the first pic I tried to take, so she is laughing at herself here. I guess she thought she was clever! Did I mention it is her 75th birthday here? Well, it is!
Look mom, I'm a turtle!
Old water pump at Grandma J's house!
An encounter of the hairiest kind!
That's right! The bunny has to work over time because of us!
What a strange way to have a jammie day!!!
Mesa with the Stepford Wives look in her eyes!


  1. I love the Stepford Wives comment. While I'm commenting, I am absolutely in love with the profile picture of you. It is vulnerable and strong all in one. Love it!

  2. ok the hairest kind....looks like mid d's hair when needing a hair cut!! lol