Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pics From Yesterday! And, Some Revisited!

Rear view beauty!

abstract tulips

a nearby fence

This is a small creek? from outside of town.

This is simply an up close view of something from our landscape.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Few More...

This stone has been through hell and it still standing!

I think this is so pretty!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pictures of April

Flowers a plenty!

This is one of mine and I absolutely love it!
I am not sure where he took this one?

He took this one in a neighboring rural community.

And this one.

Scott took this pic at a local cemetery.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Rainy Days Are A Thorn In My Side!

I really like this one!

Rain drops are falling on my landscape!

Thorny bush for my thorny day!

A Few of the Same

Grandma blocked the first pic I tried to take, so she is laughing at herself here. I guess she thought she was clever! Did I mention it is her 75th birthday here? Well, it is!
Look mom, I'm a turtle!
Old water pump at Grandma J's house!
An encounter of the hairiest kind!
That's right! The bunny has to work over time because of us!
What a strange way to have a jammie day!!!
Mesa with the Stepford Wives look in her eyes!

The Beginning of Something Interesting

First full pony tail!
I love the lighting in this pic!
Brilliant Blue Eyes!
My Un-Girl in a girl hat! Mommy wins!
Scary, huh?
Take a look into these eyes!
She is asking God to keep him safe!
Mesa is praying for Stellan too!
How about we play hide and seek? Oh, you can still see me? Hmmm... Now what?
I give you the Super Sunshine Squad!
Other than the dirt on his face, Scott took a great pic of Noah!
This is way off center, but it is the "most recent" family picture we've got, so for that, I love it!
I love this picture! I love it because my husband is trying to take a pic of the GIANT MONKEY and inadvertently got a picture of us through the glass!