Monday, April 27, 2009

The Beginning of Something Interesting

First full pony tail!
I love the lighting in this pic!
Brilliant Blue Eyes!
My Un-Girl in a girl hat! Mommy wins!
Scary, huh?
Take a look into these eyes!
She is asking God to keep him safe!
Mesa is praying for Stellan too!
How about we play hide and seek? Oh, you can still see me? Hmmm... Now what?
I give you the Super Sunshine Squad!
Other than the dirt on his face, Scott took a great pic of Noah!
This is way off center, but it is the "most recent" family picture we've got, so for that, I love it!
I love this picture! I love it because my husband is trying to take a pic of the GIANT MONKEY and inadvertently got a picture of us through the glass!


  1. you guys are wonderful with the camera...cant wait for more pics!!

  2. I love her first pony tail and her Stellan picture. That is fantastic.